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Welcome to the Sales Resource Center  

Give your sales team the resources they need to do more of what they do best: Sell.
 The Sales Resource Center is a virtual montage of selling tools aimed at driving a specific sales initiative. We use our High Performance Workplace Platform and rapidly configure an internal site where the sales people have access to all of the most important information they need to sell more effectively.

Our Service sources the content and keeps it updated for you!
Your team will have access to:

  • Products, services and solutions
  • Promotions, internal incentives and contests
  • Marketing related activities
  • Sales collateral and training materials
  • Key links to industry resources,
  • Direct access to a host of internal and external expert resources

We can run powerful knowledge transfer programs, increase the level of exposure and awareness, and test and measure the sales teams' interaction.

According to Gartner Research, employees spend approximately 70% of their time looking for information, and only 30% of the time using it.

The most relevant information and expert resource engagement
This web-based document management portal aggregates the most relevant sales materials, communication tools, and processes that enhance and accelerate sales engagement. By filtering the necessary content, we minimize time searching for information and maximize time using information. The result is more effective resource utilization and greater alignment of sales activities with strategic company goals.

Expert resource enagagement
We complement that with collaboration and communication tools and streamlined processes which are essential to accelerate the engagement of internal experts and external strategic resources at the time when they’re most needed. These services enhance the ability to attain sales success.

We’re part of your Sales Team
We have a dedicated team of people who work with your company to keep the information current. We can brand it for your company and custom configure the information for your sales team. 
Why Fresco?  

"Fresco's SRC is what your best salesperson has in his briefcase"

Russ Ramski, VP of Business Development
Informa Software

"Fresco's SRC is what your best salesperson has in his briefcase"

Russ Ramski, VP of Business Development
Informa Software

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